Salute to Vinyl

Audio Cassette Tape No. 1

A C41 audio cassette tape featuring surface noise recorded from both sides of a blank long playing vinyl disc.

Start Here

and get with it

The Start Here audio cassette label aims to bring discerning listeners the finest in magnetic tape-based media archaeological art.

The International Refuse Collection

Audio Cassette Tape No. 2

A C28 audio cassette tape featuring field recordings of refuse collection in Taiwan and the UK.

Audio Cassette Tape

Audio Cassette Tape No. 3

Each of the tapes in this double cassette release features a voice announcing which side of the tape you are listening to, and the sound of the tape itself.

Needle Drops and Run-out Grooves

Audio Cassette Tape No. 4

A C48 audio cassette tape featuring recordings of the 'silent' run-in and run-out grooves taken from a total of 48 Long Playing vinyl discs.


Audio Cassette Tape No. 5

A C40 audio cassette tape foregrounding the sounds produced when a cassette tape gets chewed up by a cassette player.

Music is Killing Home Taping

Audio Cassette Tape No. 6

A C40 audio cassette tape featuring a collection of found sound home recordings plus 'sound snaps' created from home recordings.

Level Crossings

Audio Cassette Tape No. 7

A C40 audio cassette tape featuring field recordings of railway level crossings, repeatedly copied at high volume to produce distortion.